Craps Strategy – Master Your Craps Handicap

Craps Strategy – Master Your Craps Handicap

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Craps Strategy – Master Your Craps Handicap

Before starting the game of craps one must know a few important facts and tips. There are some important strategies which must be followed in order to make a winning streak in this game. Some of the most important factors that should be considered while playing craps are the style of playing, the number of bets and rules of the game. The style of playing is directly related to the strategy adopted and for a right strategy, one should have adequate knowledge of the game. One must also have a thorough knowledge of the game as it is played in different casinos. A correct understanding of the game can help one to make correct decisions and get the results he intends.

When it comes to the style of playing and the overall betting strategy a lot of thought and planning is required. Most players will adopt a basic craps strategy, which consists of the use of protective bets, and making consistent draws. Most players must carefully bet on at least a few times to test how well it really works, before deciding to place real bets on a real game.

Though it would appear to be an easy task, drawing and placing bets is not that simple. You cannot expect to win all your bets no matter how skillful you are. Though luck has a part to play, there are still certain basic rules, which can be followed to place good bets. Some of the basic craps strategy include the following: Avoid playing with multiple cards, as you will place bets on the odds, and not the cards themselves. In the same way, avoiding using the low house edge is important, as it will reduce the risk of losing all your money in the game.

Another craps strategy includes the following. If you are holding the “suit” the flop, you must use your strength against your opponents and place high bets on the high cards. This means that you need to have the best four cards on the flop, so that you can protect your weaker hands. If for example you have a high flop, and two low cards, you should place bets on the low cards, and your stronger hand will protect the high cards.

Apart from this basic craps strategy, different people will have different success in the game. The best craps strategy for you will be different depending on your personal ability and preferences. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that the best craps strategy for a player to win, is one that he or she can consistently use over a number of games. Therefore, you should play the game in increasingly large stakes until you start to win.

In the end, everyone needs to learn how to calculate their losses and winnings correctly, without depending on luck. There are many different craps strategy guides on the market, which will help you win more craps, while keeping losses at bay. But you should make sure that you are only using a guide, which tells you what the best craps strategy is for you to win, without telling you how to calculate your losses. Therefore, by following these simple tips, you should soon become a master at playing craps and making real money off of it.